We are currently in the planning stages for Summerfest 2024. This website will be updated as we progress through the year. Please consider becoming a volunteer to help make this year's Summerfest a grand success! Any help and participation will be welcome and appreciated! Please contact Russ Enedy (Director Of Volunteers) at 814-244-2285 or Tabatha Learn at 814-243-1538. 

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It has come to our attention that there are people soliciting vendor spaces for our festival and asking for money upfront and through Paypal. We do not solicit money without a signed contract submitted at the same time. If you want to become a vendor or want to donate to us, please contact one of our members directly and only pay by check! Do not give your personal information out to anybody but our representatives! (See 'Contact' section of this website)

This year's Duck Race Winners!

1st Place - Cathy Lytle - $500

2nd Place - Laurie Davis - $200

3rd Place - Lisa Oshaben - $175

4th Place - Courtney Carpenter - $125

5th Place - Heather Mack - $100

6th Place - Michelle Bradley - $75

7th Place - Phil Koban - $50


Many Thanks to All That Participated This Year!

See You Next Year!

In 2021 a small group of volunteers became the new Portage Summerfest Board of Directors and Committee Members.  This group of volunteers has dedicated several hours every week throughout the year to put together a 3-day weekend packed full of events from sun up to sundown.  This group's main goal is to create a fun filled weekend for the young and old alike and to bring the residents of Portage and surrounding communities together for great food, live entertainment & vendors selling their wares.  The objective is to make money & donate to the Portage Crichton McCormick Park to help maintain its beauty along with helping others in the small community of Portage.    

                                                                                                                   Portage Crichton McCormick Park 100 Monument Way Portage Pa 15946

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